Azweeg Mountains (Land Where Gods Shit)


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The legendary Azweeg stretch high into the sky, gracing the skyline with noble white peaks. The height of these majestic mountains is so impressive that many human beings simply drop dead upon ascending too far, unable to sustain themselves on the thin air and low pressure that mark the higher regions. The dreaded Lupis-Sanglear, those infected with the wereboar virus, have greater ability to sustain these remote locations. They take advantage of this to lair in comparative safety and launch raids against the defenseless communities below. These ‘High Mountain Tribes’ kill each other almost as often as they do uninfected humans, but remain a constant danger should they ever rally under a single strong leader.

The Azweeg are famous for another reason, as well. Many times within history, meteors have showered the range, sometimes containing the potent relics known as Shards . Great sorcerers, mighty heroes and unfortunate mutant kings have all resulted from scavengers coming across such treasures, and whenever news of a meteor shower comes to the outside world mighty sorcerers from around the region mobilize to locate the starfall.

Many communities dot the lower regions of the mountain. One example is CATALYN, famous for having access to a vending machine.

Azweeg Mountains (Land Where Gods Shit)

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