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The Word’s innate is a Constitution of 16, or 18 if already 16 or better. They can’t die unless someone spends out-of-combat time chopping them apart, burning them to ashes, or otherwise butchering their unnaturally-vital forms, though they go unconscious at zero hit points as usual.

Lesser Gifts

Drinking the Fountain of Life (Constant)

The Godbound steals the vitality of his enemies. Once per turn, when the Godbound inflicts damage on a living creature, he may heal himself for 2 points of damage.

Theft of Vitae (Smite, Action)

Commit effort to the end of the scene. You smite a chosen living foe within sight, inflicting half of (1d8 damage die per character level ) rounded up. The damage you inflict restores your hit points of the same amount. Any creature bound to the Blood word is immune to this power.

Endless Vigor (Constant)

An unnatural vitality fuels you and allow you to shrug most off most blows. Your natural Armor class is 3. Any allies within 100 feet of you don’t bleed out at zero hit points due to the ambient vitality you exude, though they’re still unconscious. Armor of shields don’t benefit this base AC.

Vital Armaments (On turn)

Commit Effort. You create or imbue a weapon with the vitality-draining capabilities of your blood. The weapon created may have a range of up to 200 feet. When used to attack, it does 1d10 damage and is treated as a magical weapon. Anybody you hit with your attacks with this weapon does one fewer point of damage to you on any attacks they make against you that round, non-stacking.

Bloody Puppetry (On turn)

You animate your own blood to create tentacles, limbs or other appendages that can stretch up to sixty feet and can support your own weight. These appendages can be cut by damage equal to your level, but doing so doesn’t harm you, and you can recreate them as a On Turn action.

Eater of Essence (Instant)

Commit effort for the day. This power allows the Godbound to consume a particular gift, spell or power that’s used offensively against him. The power affects them normally, but it leaves the wielder unable to use it again for the day until the target Commits Effort for the day too and make a successful Hardiness saving throw, which they can attempt once per round starting the round after the power has been “eaten”.

Greater Gifts

Red Leash of Blood (Constant)

You can always know the exact location, emotional state, and physical condition of anyone whose freshly-spilled blood you’ve ever tasted. You can speak to them through the blood, and they can reply. You can Commit Effort for the day to compel an affected lesser foe to perform any action that takes a scene or less to perform, even if it’s suicidal. Even a pinprick worth of blood is sufficient for this power if it’s been shed within the last 20 hours.

Volcanic Reactor of Vital Force (Instant)

Commit effort to the end of the day. Until the start of your next turn, you have an invincible defense against any physical attack. Mental and spiritual harms or damage are not ignored.

Gates of Blood and Gore (Constant)

You’re able to emerge from any pool of blood no smaller than a mouse within 60 feet of you in place of a move action. This includes the blood in living creatures – you erupt from them in a way that may disconcert them, but does not harm them. You are constantly aware of the exact location of all blood sources in that range. By committing effort for the scene, you can use this power as a Smite equivalent to a Divine Wrath against the target you emerge from.


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