Earth - Domain of the Silent Ones

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Size: Unknown
Known Native Races: Human
Known TL: 3+
Population: Unknown
Known Night Roads: Serpent Road (timelocked)
Known Fallen Engines: The Blackened Gate

The dimension of Earth is a place of dim magical potential and immense cultural strife, populated entirely by human beings reaching a high level of technological sophistication. Isolated from the remainder of the Shattered Realms by unknown circumstance, the human inhabitants of Earth eschew the art of Theurgy and embrace a scientific philosophy of stark materialism.

Despite this, dark gods lurk in silent authority over the plane. These unsympathetic deities seem unconcerned with human affairs and do not (contrary to common expectation) express opinions on human moral or ethical positions. Those that acknowledge and worship these alien beings gain great power, but the horrific nature of these truths often brings madness to those that investigate them too closely.

These Gods were acknowledge and worshiped by a race of serpent people in prehistory, but all evidence indicates that the ancient reptilians have long since become extinct. Reptilians demonstrated an understanding of Theurgy and Celestial Shards that exceeded that of humanity, but for whatever reason retreated to subterranean enclaves where these arts were lost to time.

Earth - Domain of the Silent Ones

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