Gray 'Alien'


Movement : 20’
AC – 7
HD – 5
Save – 15+
Damage – 1d4 Straight Mental Attack
Morale – 8
Effort – 4

Speed – 20’
Attack Bonus – +2

Special Attack – Mental Assault
(Smite, 6d8) (1 Effort)
Special Attack – Retard Aura
(Willpower Save to Keep Fighting, Lose 2 Intelligence) (1 Effort)
Special Attack – Force Wall
(Decrease AC by 2, to a minimum of 2) (1 Effort)
Special Attack – Sensory Overload
(Save vs Spirit, STUNNED for 1d4 rounds) (1 Effort)

A gray does not understand Divine Words and cannot spend effort to resist effects unless they are LOW MAGIC and within the theme of PSIONICS or MENTAL FOCUS.

1- Scamper to a safer position
2 – Mental Assault, or if used last turn, Mental Attack
3 – Force Wall, or default to 2
4 – Sensory Overload, or default to 2
5 – Retard Aura, or Default to 2
6 – Recharge 1 Effort, Roll Again

The enigmatic Grays created by the Reptilian precursors as warrior-interrogators have little in the way of self-determination or culture. They serve the purpose to which they are directed and don’t feel fear (though they understand the tactical value of a retreat and thus can be said to have a typical morale score). They do not understand emotions such as mercy or disappointment and never falter in the face of impossible odds.

Gray 'Alien'

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