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Those bound to the Word of Memory have perfect recall and an invulnerable defense against memory alteration. They may set either their Wisdom or Intelligence to 16, or to 18 if the attribute is already 16 or higher.

Lesser Gifts

Touch of Lethe / Action
The Godbound selects a single topic, which may be an intellectual skill, an event or type of events, a duty, a relationship, or some other specific matter. A target within sight immediately forgets everything about the topic until the effect is dispelled or the Godbound releases them. Up to a Large Mob of lesser foes may be affected by this power, or a single worthy foe. Worthy foes may save versus Spirit to resist this ability for a scene. Magical powers and combat skills cannot be effaced by this gift.

Seamless Certainty / Instant
The Godbound effortlessly molds a visible target’s immediate memory, controlling what they remember having happened during the current scene. A guard may think his superior’s just ordered him off duty, or an offended waitress may suddenly forget an insolent remark. The power affects up to a Large Mob of lesser foes at once plus a single worthy foe. Lesser foes get a saving throw if the situation is drastically out of line for the memories or they are specifically made to think further back than the immediate present. Worthy foes may get a Spirit saving throw to resist the gift for a scene.

Stolen Moments / Instant
The Godbound can instantly draw forth memories on any desired topic from a visible target, learning all they can remember about the matter. Worthy Foes can save versus Spirit to resist this gift for a scene, and require the Godbound to Commit Effort for the scene. Victims experience the power as a sudden, strong reverie of recollection on the topic; those wise in magic may realize something unnatural is happening.

Cage of the Dead Past / Action
The Godbound can put a visible target into a fugue, reliving a past event in their mind. The Godbound can nominate a specific event, or just choose a general type of memory. The victim is completely paralyzed and oblivious to their surroundings while in the fugue, which lasts or loops as long as the Godbound wishes, even to the point of dehydration or death. The Godbound can see clearly the memory that the victim is reliving. Worthy Foes get a Spirit saving throw to resist this ability for a scene.

A Crumb of Iron Rations / On Turn
The Godbound can remember a particular object or domestic animal so well that it becomes tangible in their possession. Objects or animals must be no larger than a cart, and continue to exist so long as they remain in the PC’s presence. Items eaten or otherwise consumed nourish people or otherwise function normally. Magical items can be remembered in their physical appearance, but lack the enchantments of the real thing.

Painful Memories / On Turn
Commit Effort. The Godbound overwhelms a victim with the memory of physical pain or emotional agony, fresh as if it were in the moment. Their gaze becomes a weapon with a 200’ range doing a 1d10 damage die against thinking creatures, including animals, save for those who have never actually experienced suffering. Against humans and other sentient life, it always does at least 1 point of damage, even on a miss. A target reduced to zero hit points may commit suicide or simply collapse in helpless agony; the power alone cannot kill.

Greater Gifts

Remember Me / Constant
The Godbound can choose a number of targets known to them up to their level, changing them as an action. Regardless of distance, whenever one of the targets purposefully thinks of or remembers the PC, the PC may Commit Effort for the scene to take a single action as if they were there with the target, though they cannot be affected or harmed by anything and only the target can sense them. Optionally, the PC may choose to simply communicate with the target at no Effort cost. A target can avoid thinking of the PC clearly enough to trigger the power, but only by carefully avoiding any plots, plans, or accounting for the PC in their actions. This ability cannot be used if the PC is already in the target’s presence.

Infectious Forgetfulness / Action
Commit Effort. The Godbound can nominate a particular event, person, or relationship known to them. Everyone in their presence forgets entirely about the matter, though worthy foes can save versus Spirit to become personally immune to that particular use of the power. Furthermore, every affected person becomes a vector for this forgetfulness, causing others who see them to also forget about the topic. So long as the Effort remains committed, affected targets cannot remember it, even if reminded by someone or something. If forced to confront the person or topic, they will rationalize it as something else, or even hallucinate an analogous situation.

False History / Action
Commit Effort for the day. The Godbound can insert a particular event or idea into the memories of every person within a region or Faction equal in size to half their level, rounded up. Thus, at first level, they could affect a village, at third, a town, at fifth, a province,at seventh, a nation, and at ninth, they could theoretically falsify a memory shared by a realm. Empyrean Wards on an area increase its effective size by half the Ward’s rating, rounded down, however. Worthy Foes can save versus Spirit to resist this effect. People will deal with this memory in any way that is characteristic to them, but they will rationalize away any evidence to its contrary unless the proof is overwhelming. This gift cannot be used as a miracle.


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