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Those gifted by Music can set their Charisma to 16, or to 18 if it’s already 16 or higher. They have an invulnerable immunity to the sounds they generate being muted, even by gagging or the physical excision of their vocal cords, and may summon any musical instrument they’ve ever used as an On Turn action. They may produce music at will without interfering with any other actions they’re taking.

Lesser Gifts

A Chorus Like Thunder/Constant

Your voice and music penetrates any non-magical barrier and can be made audible out to ten miles per character level. You can pitch this sound so that only certain individuals or groups can hear it, and can hear any replies these listeners make so long as they are sung. This gift cannot augment attacks or offensive powers.

Eye of Silence/Constant

You have an invulnerable immunity to sonic attacks and hostile effects based on sound. Commit Effort for the scene as an action to steal the audibility of up to a Vast Mob of lesser foes or a single worthy foe; nothing they say or do will cause any noise whatsoever. Worthy foes may choose to make a Hardiness save to end this effect at the end of each of their rounds; lesser foes remain silent until the power is dispelled or you release them.

Invincible Harmony/Action

Commit Effort for the scene and choose a visible creature or Mob. You fall into perfect harmony with them and their actions. You gain an invincible defense against all their attacks and powers, and they gain the same against yours. This lasts for the rest of the scene or until you choose to break the rhythm; the victim can defensively dispel the effect if they have an appropriate Word, but they can’t save to resist. On the round you break this effect, you automatically hit the target with any attack you make and may roll damage or effect dice twice and take the better roll. You can’t use this gift twice on the same target in the same scene.

Passionate Crescendo/Action

Commit Effort. With your music, infuse chosen listeners with a powerful emotion focused on a target or topic of your choice. Up to a Vast Mob of lesser foes in earshot are affected for as long as Effort remains committed. Worthy foes can roll a Spirit save to resist; on a failure, they recover in no more than a day’s time. People so emotionally influenced will act to the limit of their natural character; combatants must make a Morale check if infused with fear or despair.

Poetic Certitude/Action

Commit Effort for the scene and sing a phrase or message. A target of your choice who hears you sing is completely convinced of the truth of your lyric, provided it is not completely emotionally intolerable. This certitude will last for the rest of the scene, or longer if strong evidence is not presented against it. Worthy foes can make a Spirit save to resist the effect.

Shriek of Twisted Metal/On Turn

Commit Effort. Your voice or music becomes a weapon doing 1d10 base damage with a range up to 200 feet. Against rigid inanimate objects such as glass, metal, stone, or ceramics, your voice does straight damage and can make a human-sized hole two feet deep for each round’s use. This does not affect objects worn or used by a creature.

Greater Gifts

Shaper of the Sound/Constant

You have complete control over all sounds in the area within your line of sight. As an Instant action, you can create or alter any sound within that area, including nullifying or redirecting sonic attacks or sound-based magic, or faking voices or words. With an action’s concentration, you can clearly hear and understand all speech within the affected area regardless of its language and communicate undetectably with persons within it. You and your companions always succeed on sound-based stealth or listening checks.

Shouting Down the Sky/Smite Action

Commit Effort for the day. Your voice or music becomes an unstoppable wave of sonic destruction. All stone, glass, wooden, or metal constructions larger than a suit of armor are blown apart in a front 40 feet wide per level and five hundred feet long, Enemies within the zone suffer one point of damage per character level, or 1d6+2 straight per level for Mobs. You may narrow the effect’s area and spare individual objects if you wish.

Verse of Deathless Glory/Instant

Your music inspires an ally in earshot who would otherwise be defeated, allowing them to shrug off the worst blows. Your ally gains an invulnerable defense against any form of harm until the start of their turn. You can use this power for your own benefit, and as an Instant power it can be triggered after damage or effects are rolled, but any given target can benefit from this ability only once per scene.


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