Naberius, the Mysterious Stranger

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Naberius has been seen in the company of two female companions, Gavreel and Deumos.

The being known as Naberius inhabits the realm of Earth, though whether this is due to some form of imprisonment or personal preference is unknown. Naberius is more than human, capable of changing his shape and becoming unseen. He can animate the detritus of the earth into servile creatures and command the earth to conceal secrets or move aside when bidden.

One of his forms is that of an elderly man with deep blue eyes and a stern gaze. In this shape, he is often well-dressed in shades of black and gray.

Another of his shapes is that of a bare-chested youth in a revealing loin-cloth with a wild, tangled mane of golden-blonde hair. In this shape he often uses a bow of white ivory, with which he has been observed striking down serpent people by the dozens.


Naberius, the Mysterious Stranger

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