Perdition, Where All Debts Owed Are Payed


Welcome to Perdition!

Our city is young, but blessed by the Demigods and thus destined for greatness! You may wonder where the fantastical machines and materials that make up Perdition come from. The answer is simple – the Demigods, visitors from another world who have blessed us with the ability to trade with distant lands.

Visitors to Perdition must restrict such tourism to less than three months out of the year. During this time, foreigners can either attend the open-air auctions and markets or make arrangements for a private agent to customize a purchasing solution for your specific needs. Please note that violence of any kind is forbidden in Perdition, as is dishonesty or malice.

You may also notice that the natives of Perdition are dressed either in white or gray. Those assigned gray clothes are prisoners, while those assigned white clothes oversee this labor and coordinate the work gangs. Our prison population is made up primarily of those who violate copyrights on Perdition goods, so be certain NEVER to purchase Perdition goods from unregistered smugglers or terrorists.

The Perdition Airport is the wonder of the world, allowing the miraculous flying machines of the Demigods to convey you and others from around the world to the merchant forum for business. Please respect the craftsmanship of our artisans and refrain from vandalizing our fine art installations.

Thank you again and welcome to Perdition! We hope your stay is a pleasant one!

Perdition, Where All Debts Owed Are Payed

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