Poros, Maiden of the Elder Sea


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Side Quests – Poros

Renowned throughout the world for its wonders, Poros is a city famous for history and culture. Founded so many centuries ago that none can name the people who constructed it, Porus has remained inhabited for all of recorded history owing to the abundance of natural springs and flowing fresh water.

The current rulers of the city are known as the Kalemites. They have subdued local rivals to ensure a regular flow of spices and slaves. Owing to several colleges of philosophy and theology Poros is known for producing aristocrats of surpassing beauty and elegance. Yet this abundance has a darker side – many noble families endure infamous ‘dark sheep’ as well. The most powerful families in the city gather in Quarum to determine matters of policy and law. Only land owners are allowed voice in the political process, and each generation consolidates land into fewer and fewer hands.

Poros is also known for its fine stadiums and fanatical devotion to athletic discipline. Contests of sport are considered the foremost diversion for the young and include ballgames, wrestling and bodybuilding. The people of Poros drink deeply and well, famous for revelry and abandon. Slaves of many ethnic backgrounds populate the courts, with the most beautiful and talented reserved for the members of the elected Oligarchy.

So exotic is Poros that it even merits the attention of Perdition, city of the Gods. The strange white-garbed men of Perdition (who speak a tongue taboo for any not of the city to learn) maintain a small airbase within the northern quarter of the city. Trade goods are sold twice each year in the market complex nearby, providing Porus with objects made of plastic and exotic alloys. Weapons are never sold in these markets. The Gods of Perdition demand impressive tribute in spices and food every year, which Poros eagerly pays as the economic activity provided is more than worth it.

Poros, Maiden of the Elder Sea

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