The Blackened Gate

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This Celestial Engine collapsed into the Realms at some point in the ancient past, falling into the care of lesser beings and eventually being commanded by the Reptilians. It is unclear to what purpose the Engine was turned, but at the very least the Reptilians protected the engine and worked actively to prevent damage to it.

At some point in the ancient past, the Black Gate was attacked by the Mysterious Stranger and a group of beings with similar power and ability. These invaders slaughtered the Reptilians and severely damaged the Black Gate. The nature of this damage was precise and measured, suggesting that the attackers understood the nature of the power of the gate and exactly how to manipulate it.

in 2016, the Black Gate was discovered by Hilros and the Doctor, who proceeded to destroy it. Absent the most potent of magic, it will never again bewilder mortal or God.

The Black Gate produced 1 Celestial Shard when destroyed. It was damaged to produce 3 Celestial Shards by the Mysterious Stranger. It is unknown how much damage the gate sustained while falling, or if it requires further shards in order to function.

The Black Gate was located in New Mexico. After it was destroyed, no mortal creature within a certain unknown distance around it could die, producing a cacophony of mortally wounded and dying creatures who were unable to function in this new paradigm.

The Blackened Gate

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