Thea - The Origin World

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Size: Unknown
Known Native Races: Human
Known TL: 3+
Population: Unknown
Known Night Roads: Poros Sewers – Sarcophagi Road

This is the dimension the Godbound came to rest in when they incarnated as divine beings. None can speak with authority as to the geographical limits of Thea, for none have circumnavigated it. It is possible, perhaps, that Thea stretches on in every direction forever.

Thea is a relatively stable dimension with predictable, earth-like weather and seasons that are reliable enough to permit agriculture. It is well populated with dozens of cultures and the inhabitants of Thea speak hundreds of languages.

Though spirits and other supernatural creatures are widely believed to exist they are rarities in the day to day life of men. Some upon Thea study the arts of Theurgy but they are rare and often the product of extradimensional education.

Low magic can be found and is often associated with the presence of Celestial Shards. Shards are known to have caused much wickedness in Thea, and in particular the Azweeg mountain range (often called ‘The Land Where Gods Shit’) is a frequent site where these relics are known to fall to the earth.

Thea - The Origin World

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