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The Word of Winter encompasses the freezing cold, the fading of the seasons, and the emotionless veneer of those with a heart of ice. A hero tied to this Word is able to cause sudden blizzards, shape and sculpt both snow and ice, or remove emotions.

A Godbound with the Word of Winter possesses an invincible defense against cold and water-based attacks, along with manipulating the temperature of a room and causing it to dramatically plummet. For example, a pleasant summer day in the presence of a Godbound with the Word of Winter can rapidly become shivering cold while the scorching heat of a desert could quickly turn into a moderate and more comfortable temperature.

Lesser Gifts

Snowshoes (On Turn)
Commit Effort. You and your companions may pass through ice or snow, unhindered and without the need to breathe. It requires an action to enter or leave frozen environs. Visibility conditions during snowstorms and blizzards also do not impede you or your allies. In addition, you can grant your companions immunity to natural cold.

Whispers of Winter (Action)
Commit Effort. You can communicate with ice or snow, seeing and perceiving everything it has witnessed at a certain time of your choice. Both snow and ice have no thought as humans recognize it, but they can perfectly relay all the sounds and sights that took place in their presence. You must specify a particular time to focus on, however.

Boreal Spear (On Turn)
Commit Effort. Wield ice as a ranged weapon out to 200 feet, or sheath your weapon in frost. Damage done is a minimum of 1d10 and counts as a magical weapon. Against beings made or composed mostly of fire, this damage roll is read as straight.

Cold Embrace (Action)
Instantly quell an emotion in a visible target. You can extinguish a particular emotion entirely, such as fear, loyalty or love, or you can selectively snuff it towards particular people or activities. The target is unable to feel that emotion toward the selected subjects until you release them from the effect. Lesser foes are automatically affected, while worthy foes can save versus Spirit to resist the stilling.

Grasp of Rime (Action)
Commit Effort for the scene. Snow in a 50’ radius around the chosen point in sight erupt to cling to foes. All enemies in the area must make a Hardiness saving throw at the start of each round to throw off the snow and regain free movement, though they can still fight in place as normal or launch ranged attacks if they have them. Foes subject to your Fray die suffer it each round they remain bound. Those enemies who reach zero hit dice because of this may be either impaled by icicles or frozen to death at the Godbound’s discretion.

Bone-Gnawing Chill (Instant)
Commit Effort. Your Fray die deals 1d12 damage.

Greater Gifts

When Hell Freezes Over (Smite, Action)
Commit Effort for the scene. Bring down the icy chill of the heavens on a point within sight. Every chosen target within 200 feet is frozen for a number of points of damage equal to your level. Against Mobs, the cold does 1d10 damage straight for every two character levels of the hero, rounded up. Liquids in range are frozen solid up to 200 feet deep and all normal fires are extinguished.

Monolith of Ice (Action)
Each round, create, modify, or destroy a snow or ice structure of up to 20 × 20 × 20 foot size within your normal line of sight. The structure can be elaborate, to the limit of your own creative skills. See page 27 for rules on trapping victims in walls or zones. You can create normal snow or ice as part of this process. Creatures made entirely of snow or ice within the area may be completely controlled, with worthy foes allowed a Spirit save to resist. Anything created with this gift cannot be destroyed by normal fire.

Wintertide (Action)
Commit Effort. Control weather in a radius up to a mile per level, from snow flurries to a raging blizzard strong enough to knock down fragile structures and make mundane archery impossible, weather changes occur instantly on use of this gift and last as long as Effort remains committed. If a blizzard is summoned, it is impossible to navigate through torrential snows and howling winds without magical aid while this gift is active. Those who attempt to do so become hopelessly lost, and suffer your Fray die in damage for each hour spent outside in such conditions. When released, the weather rapidly returns to its normal condition.


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