Factions and Cults


The tribes seemingly are organizing under the watchful eye of an individual known to you as ‘Rolf’. Rolf is obviously respected and feared by the people, with backing from one of the most numerous and powerful clans behind him. He has spoken to you of the troubles of his office, and claims ‘everything is under control’ – though he complains of the Vrilya God’s influence upon certain segments of the faithful. He claims these temples must be tolerated for the trade with the Vrilya to continue, so he allows them regardless of the occasional fistfights and scuffles that break out between the faithful. The fact that the Vrilya preachers are some of the harshest critics of his influence, power and alleged corruption is surely coincidental.

The villages unified under your banner enter a new age of trade and mutual contact, with the area you frequent becoming known as the holy city ‘Fer’. Unfortunately, the dangerous wildlife and pervasive disease of the Hollow Earth jungles make travel between villages dangerous and thus the ‘Gathering of Tribes’ proceeds slowly.

The Vrilya and the Thule have become significantly more excited by the possibility of trade and influence with the Terrible Tribes, considering the apparent influence the Godbound imbue them with by association. Vrilya missionaries arrive with fine magical goods to dazzle and amaze the people, while Thule trucks bring metal goods like silverware and cooking pots. The people adore these goods and traffic in them is exceptionally popular.

Some tribes have decided to rebel against your dictates (the Rival Tribes) and fear you for superstitious reasons ranging from racist perceptions to vague ancient prophesies. These malcontents organize an attack on an allied village when they are certain no Godbound will be nearby, but it fails, repelled by a young warrior and his nine (now five) brothers.

The loyal tribes responded in turn, sending a war party of thirty strong men to destroy a rival village. This attack was more successful – all of the menfolk of the village were slain, the young girls taken, and the older women and elders left to rebuild.

Factions and Cults

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