Badila - Home of the Storm Born

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Size: Small
Known Native Races: Hobgoblin, Shard Mutants
Known TL: 1
Population: ???
Known Night Roads: The Royal Night Road (Sarcophagi Road)

This world is as large as a small town, with multiple interesting features in it. Despite it’s small size, it is a monstrous plane of white mountains, shadowed woodlands, and storm-wracked oceans. The plane is mostly populated by hobgoblins, though with large numbers of other monstrous races.

Badila is very rarely afflicted with storms that bring with them Celestial Shards. These shard storms have always ushered in centuries of complicated destiny and are considered by locals to be profoundly unlucky. Hobgoblins who acquire shards are often twisted by the power of the Celestial energy within, become gigantic immortal beings.

These ‘Storm Kings’ lose much, becoming little more mentally than beasts, but the power and immortality they claim assure that many hobgoblins have attempted to master Celestial power anyway.

The Royal Night Road lies within the ancient palace of one of these ‘Storm King’ monarchs, a luminous Hobgoblin hero known as ‘Absoled the Gate Maker’. Legend holds that after he ingested the Shards to become immortal, he attempted (and failed) to keep his sanity via Theurgy. Upon his degeneration he was held as a prisoner in his own castle for millennia, ruling as a figurehead for an series of ambitious viziers. His rage was immense when he finally broke free and rampaged out into a local wilderness, where he laired for centuries before being slain by the Godbound.

The gate that bears his namesake is one of the few still functional parts of the fortress, now abandoned to time after the tragedy. The full potential of Absoled’s construction was never understood and its secrets died with his mind after he became immortal.

Badila - Home of the Storm Born

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